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Touro University California’s website is a campus-wide effort using the OU Campus Web Content Management System. Each college and division is publishes pages on the site. New features are added as they become available and as they are requested. Training and access to the system, can be requested by submitting a Service Request at http://servicedesk.tu.edu.

General Campus Information, Directories and Web Features:

The general information posted to the website is the responsibility of the Information Technology Department. To request changes or clarification on this type of information, please contact the Service Desk at http://servicedesk.tu.edu.

College/Department Web pages

Access to add or modify college and department web pages is granted upon request by the college Dean or departmental Director or Vice President.

Individual Web pages

Each faculty and staff member is invited to create an individual page outlining their teaching and research activities, their educational background and their experience. To learn how to post individual web pages or to get access to the system, please contact the Service Desk at http://servicedesk.tu.edu.

Student Web pages

Student clubs and organizations may host a webpage within the TUC web content management system, or through other hosting services. To learn more about the options available to student clubs and organizations, please contact Student Services.

Getting Help

For help with website related issues: http://servicedesk.tu.edu

  • Submit a service ticket at
  • Email: servicedesk@tu.edu
  • Call the TUC IT Service Desk at 707-638-5424