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All Staff and Faculty and student are issued accounts that provide them access to various electronic resources. The following information identifies that account information, how to access it and who is responsible for supporting access to it.

Faculty and Staff

  • Network Login: Is accessible via assigned computers and access on the wireless access system.
  • Exchange email access – exchange.tu.edu: The Touro University Faculty and Staff emails are hosted on Exchange, which is accessible via Outlook on their assigned computers or via the OWA Web interface via http://exchange.tu.edu
  • Blackboard: Learning management system
  • Servicedesk: This application is the IT department support database. Access to this application is controlled by your assigned network login.
  • Website material posting access – require a dedicated login account to access.

The accounts listed above are supported by the Touro University California - IT Department to obtain support please contact the Touro University California servicedesk at 707-638-5424 or servicedesk@tu.edu.


  • Network Login
  • TU.EDU Google Apps Email
  • Blackboard: Student Course information system
  • Login
  • Papercut:
  • Servicedesk